“I still had some oranges left underneath the bed’

And then he smiled… who cares about who was he, I care about the smile, and you? Same place , different company and in the front row to see “The Wave Pictures”. It doesn’t really matter to know the lyrics when you realize that Sapphire was right, we are here for the music. After a couple of songs you had melted between the strings of Dave’s guitar and you can´t stop to ask yourself why he has that picaresque smile on his face. And the best thing is that you will never get the answer to your question, it is the funny thing to deal with smart people that do smart music.

Does somebody remember the kid (Ethan Hawke in the adult version) of Great Expectations? Yes, the one who used to draw the asymmetric sea´ fishes and the untouchable face of a little madam with a endless blond hair (Gwyneth Paltrow  in the adult version). Dave Tattersall could be that kid but in a english lifestyle.

So far it seems that I am in love with Dave, yes I am. But I also I am life with the Jonny Helm´s “Argos” t-shirt while he says :”Jonny Cash died today…” , as I am in love with the slowness (in a good way) of the bass the difficult surname  Franic Rozycki. What can I say? WATCH AND JUDGE


PD: My apologizes for my english, I am trying it.

Gig: “The Wave Pictures” (Bardens Boudoir, Hackney, East London, 16-01-09)

Thank you Maria


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