Just a couple of things!

You might think that this video (and the song) is a bit too long (6:54 is a bit long for a song) to spend your  time watching it, BUT, I´ve just discovered it and I think that the sea made of millions pieces of glass is worth 6:54 minutes of my life.

Bea: Do you love Kirsten Dunst?

Bea: Yes, I do love her (a lot).

If you like  Kirsten and Sailor Moon you will love this video.

I know that the title says “a couple” but rules are made to be broken, then just let me to introduce you to my friend Kai (cool name, isn´t it?) He lives in Japan and he loves his bike like I do love my one, he also writes a blog like I do, but I am afraid his photos are much better that my “photo booth” ones. Check it out!


Good night ladies and gentleman, I hope you have enjoyed this bits-and-bobs like I did.



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