Dialogues 2

Just let me tell you a story that happened to me the other day. I was standing at the door from the shop where spend 8 hours a day 5 days per week when  I heard this conversation between a girl and a boy who were sat at the cafe.

HE: Why not?

SHE: Are you really being serious?

HE: Yeah, of course I am. I don’t really understand it.

SHE: Listen there is not a “big” answer and there will never  be, at least not one that will satisfied your ego. Just think it twice, do you really want this? There is not time for me in your life right now,  it is time for you to fuck around and to live thinking in anyone but you. Maybe in year time when you are bored of waking up at strangers houses without having a clue of  how the hell you got there, and the only think you could think of it´s a black coffee and a Nurofen600 mg, just then, when you are sick and tired  of having fun and unable to remember some of their names, then you could come back to me and I’ll cook you dinner and you buy the wine. What do you say?

It was a silent for 2 min and 37 sec (probably less than that but if you say the exact number it gets more dramatic). He looked at her and downed the coffee in one go. He stood up and got close to her, he kissed on the forehead and whispered something.

I couldn´t hear what he said to her. It is intriguing, isn´t it? Everyone wants to know what Bill Murray said to Miss Johansson at that last final scene.  I guess (I hope) he whispered something likeÑ

HE: Alright babe, I´ll meet you in year time.

It is fun to don´t life in real life sometimes.



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